Whalers - Heath Extension - 13/6/04

It was a glorious day, and everyone came out to watch.

We were privileged to be joined by Martyn Villeesh,
the Albanian national table tennis coach,
wearing the national shell-suit.

  Meaningful sport was rendered difficult by the all-day 'Carry on Camping'-style Badminton and Volleyball antics of our very own 'Cheeky Girls' near the boundary. Their muscle-bound Serbian war criminal companions rendered this exclusive shot the most hazardous so far in Wanderers' snaps history.

You can take the boy out of Green Lanes, you can't take Green Lanes out of the boy. On a scorching day, Skip treated us to new season's watermelon - Çok Güzel!

Bob gets ready to open, unaware that an epic contest with the Whaler's yorker-King awaited.