Match report:

I'll tell you how pissed off Salix are. Fletch hasn't even bothered putting the scores up on their website! However, I was relying on his scorecard to pen my match report so I'm sorry if it's a bit woolly.

The main point, though, is that we won! After heavy defeats in all three previous games Salix (last year's winners) were clearly confident of avoiding the wooden spoon. However it was Mighty Wanderers who supped from the victory cups...

Andy Charlton couldn't play (a great shame this as he had probably been 'Man of the Match' the previous week) but what team could wish for a more dynamic replacement than Gaf. Dalston's very own fire-breathing, top-spinning genius really made a mark. Our glorious Wufferelli captained (to significant effect in my view). However, let's start from the beginning...

Wufferelli, upon returning to the team, immediately lost the toss and Salix elected to bat. This is where the game was won. For whatever reason MWCC decided NOT to give the opposition 25+ wides. Instead Salix never got going at all. TSS mixed up a collection of loopers & quicker ones, Tjazzy bowled with zip and hostility, Wuff bowled magically, securing two LBW's with his mystical, slow-medium swingers and Gaf was truly magnificent, bowling with loop & bounce (as well as taking a cracking, tumbling catch). The bowling performance was backed up by the usual terrific wicketkeeping of Jonny M. who was involved with the two most impressive wickets - Tjazzy getting one to lift at pace, leading the batsman to guide it off the end of his nose high into the back netting where Johnny cooly gloved it and Gaf's cracking bouncy top-spinner which took the batsman on the glove. Salix all out for 73 (I think)!

Instead of folding in the usual, slightly pathetic manner, Wanderers' batting was sound. Jonny & Tjazzy opened to good effect putting together a sizeable opening partnership, Lars scored a few at a decent rate once Tjazzy had fallen, but the stand that won the game was the one between Sothers & Jonny M. Soth's cool, relaxed approached contrasted nicely with Jonny's aggressive, punchy game. The two of them rather put me in mind of Ali & Frazier at their height. Soth/Ali even managed to floor Jon/Frazier in the middle of the wicket towards the end of the game. 'Smokin' Jon made the count, thankfully and Soth gave some unconvincing excuse about "I was looking at the ball". Ha! Who looks at the ball when it's the non-striker's call and he's charging down the wicket at you...?

It was really nice to win a game! I know that Finchley's not convenient for everyone but if you've not played before, give it a go next season (I think Fletch is organising the competition for November). It's really good fun!

Mega, special thanks to Tony Super-Fletch who is single-handedly responsible for this tournament being such a great success and everyone having such a spiffing time.