Struggling through the maze of Wanderers' nicknames?
Consult the handy online guide to your team mates' innumerable alter egos.

Lars Smith - Slippery Swede (TSS in correspondence), Smithers, Lasse.

Tim Maddison - Sotheby, Soth, Sothers, Explorer, Secretario, Auctioneer.

Stephen Tjasink - Tjazz, Chas.

Sacha Wheeler - Gnash, Gnasher, Doctor, Dr Wheeler.

Paul Sozi - Wozy.

Simon Hartley - Bongo, Lancy Lanc, Rochdale Rocket, Bolton Bullet etc etc

Paul Kingsley (overseas player) - McFat.

James Gooden - Big Nose, Lagom, Little Jimmy.

Bob Page - Bob's Yer Uncle, B.Y.U.

Margaret Page - Maggie, Maggie The Cat, Cat.

Paul Kelly - Chairman, Kells.

Gaf Mathias - (The) Roon, Wizard, Welsh Wizard.

And of course that interesting sub-species whose real names are so little used as to be confusing in themselves:

Wild, Wildman - Guy Stuart

Wuff, Wufferelli, Blennerhassett Express, Colossus - Richard Winter.