Goodlength XI - Mill Hill Park - 22/6/03

Andy brings new Wanderers' superstar son Nicky along. Dad is son's agent. Son's talent is huge.
Dad's transfer fee is gigantic. Wanderers sell homes to accept.

Wild showing a TRUE fast bowler's follow-through. Man scratches nuts in outfield.
Remains of early aircraft pokes out of the ground.

Slo-mo shot showing the raw speed of a Wanderers' quick single.

Gaf at the crease. Note how his partner's stance is pregnant with anticipation of a likely run!

The two great ladies of our team.

The Spartan dedication of the modern Wanderer to the athletic lifestyle.

When nature calls.

"Stick a bat on me tail, Showpony, an' I'll put thee in mook n' nettles!"
Roxie ('this coat don't run') lays it on the line for our gagging superstar.

Vive La France, Vive Le Biggus Dickus!