Mighty Wanderers Dinner 2004 - 23rd April upstairs at The Kembles Head pub, Olde Londone Towne.

After the soup catastrophe and smoked pork overload at the Czech Club last year, it was decided that a more up-market venue was the order of the day for 2004's end-of-season-pre-season dinner. Which is why we ended upstairs in a dim boozer of low repute on the corner of Bow Street and Long Acre. In fact, the venue turned out to be surprisingly sympathetic, our dining room transformed by alchohol and good company into a high ceilinged dining chamber worthy of Mr Pickwick.

As the mug shots (there's no other word) below reveal, a fine evening was had by all. Jonny Mortimer was the worthy first recipient of our frankly astounding new Player Of The Season trophy (well done Lars). Between mouthfuls of rubbery beef (in truth not that bad) stirring speeches rang out, your secretary drivelled for Britain, the Chairman stood up and then sat down again, the Captain proclaimed us "tigers", Jon wept into his cup - the usual.


Jon drinks from the cup of glory

Even the Admiral is awed by Maggie's thirst for victory.

The room sways alarmingly for our boozed-up cricket fighters

Steve produces a huge lump of Moroccan Gold

Cheese donated by Moathouse Hotels

No expense spared on the wine either.

Bleary cricket fighters meet Freddie Lundberg outside Stringfellows.

The Chairman is presented with a waxwork of the Club Secretary.

Che Guafferelli rouses his people.

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