MIGHTY WANDERERS CC VS ADMIRALS XI 31 May 2003, Hampstead Heath Extension.
R J Winter LBW Heggerty 44
G W Mathias Run Out 16
G N Stuart LBW Knox 40
S P Wheeler Bwld Knox 1
J P Mortimer Bwld Knox 5
P J Kelly Bwld Knox 1
M Montgomery Ct Morris 1
T J Maddison Ct Heggerty 23
L N E Smith Ct Sandeepa 28
S E Hartley Ct & Bwld Wood 9
P Y G Sozi N/O 1
TOTAL 236 All Out      
Tjasink Bwld Sozi 15
Wood Ct Winter Hartley 48
Buckley Ct Mortimer Hartley 5
Long Ct Smith Hartley 1
Foxen Bwld Kelly 0
Sandeepa N/O 20
Knox Bwld Kelly 0
Bond Bwld Montgomery 1
Heggerty St Mortimer Montgomery 0
Harper Ct Stuart Maddison 1
Morris Ct Wheeler Maddison 0
TOTAL 95 All Out
Mighty Wanderers won by 141 runs.
Man of the match: Murdo Montgomery (Votes were: Gaf 1, Sothers 1, Wuff 1, Jon M 1, Bongo 2, Murdo 5)
Hartley 7 1 31 3
Sozi 5 1 29 1
Kelly 4 1 14 2
Montgomery 5 2 4 2
Wheeler 3 0 13 0
Maddison 0.5 - 0 2
Match Report
By your man at the game, the Slippery Swede.

Wanderers' Firepower Too Much For Shipwrecked Admirals

It's not often that one feels sorry for the opposition. On Saturday, however, the Admirals XI were out-played, out-thought and out-fought by a rampant Wanderers side. Wufferelli's splendid captaincy throughout the day was appreciated not only by his loyal players but also by the opposition who commented on the captain's cunning strategies.

The Hampstead Sahara Bowl produced it's usual combination of a fiercely hot, humid atmosphere and rubbish pitch. Wuff and the Welsh Wizard opened the innings and proceeded to set the tone for the rest of the day. The Admirals bowled decently on a very helpful wicket but neither Wanderer let the erratic bounce worry them. Wuff mixed his nudges and nurdles with some hefty blows. The Wizard, happy to provide support for his captain for the first 10 overs, later opened up to play some nice shots - the highlight being a Caribbean offdrive for four that raced to boundary, Gaf having rocked back onto the back foot and punished a ball that was only slightly short of a length.

Having set up the innings beautifully, both openers were out out within a couple of overs of each other, Wuff for a composed 44 - Gaf for a commendable 16.

The Admirals must have been pleased, but Wildman came in and smote the ball in dramatic style to leave the Good Ship Harper once more in heavy weather. 32 of Wild's 40 runs came in boundaries, predominantly from pulls and sweeps.

The middle-order rather fell away. Gnasher who missed one whilst looking to play shots, Jonny Mortimer and the Chairman all fell to an excellent spell from Knox who bowled straight and made good use of the poor quality track. Murd fell to a comedy ball, having had to endure a barrage of wides from the Morris's dodgy cannon.

The Slippery Swede said a fond 'Fairwell' to Excalibat, who having provided years of loyal services finally gave way. Sotheby (now known as 'The Whippet') played a fantastic 'closing' innings, keeping the scoreboard ticking with intelligent batting and dynamic running. Bongo playing with unusual aggression, provided the Secretary with a willing partner. Bongo fell to a stunning return catch by bowler Wood, whose contribution to the Admiral's performance was notable, both with bat and bowl. Wozy, having starred in the game against Salix with his dazzling 79, was rewarded with the Number 11 spot and his frustration was keenly felt by all Wanderers' followers.

236 all out. There seemed little hope for the sweaty mariners. However, the beginning of the Admirals innings was, to the mind of your correspondent, the finest passage of play in the game. In Wood and Tjasink, our opposition had two quality batsmen who punished anything loose. Wood, in particular, played with admirable cool as Bongo produced a number of deliveries that lifted alarmingly from a good length. However such was the quality of Bongo (who managed 7 searing overs of hostile pace, delivered with a full Michael Holding 30 yard run up (take note McFat!) and Wozy that it was only a matter of time before wickets started to fall. Woxy foxed Stephen and the Admirals' defences were breeched. Smart catches from Jonny M and TSS were trumped by Our Beloved Wufferelli who held a rocket from Wood. All these three wickets fell to the deserving lanky Lancy.

The Chairman bowled another superb spell to account for Foxen and the dangerous Knox. It has come to our attention that Kells doesn't like to risk taking wickets with the aid of fielders and umpires. The high percentage of clean- bowleds in his wicket-taking is amazing.

Then IT happened. Murdo was called upon to bowl. He bowled 5 overs, with two maidens and took 2 for 5. That's 5 overs with two maidens for 2 for 5. Say it again! And how were these sensational figures achieved. Boundary catches from near wides? Oh no. The Tartan Terror bowled the spell of his life. He bowled a tight line with varying flight that was simply too good for what was left of the salts. It should be noted that Jonny Mortimer's sensational work behind the timbers produced a fine stumping for one of Murd's wickets.

Poor Sotheby. El Secretario came on, replacing Murdo from the Bull & Bush End. He too bowled with wonderful control and finished with the spectacular figures of 2 wickets from 5 balls for no runs! Wildman took the catch at short mid-on to remove Admiral Harper and then Gnasher took a blinding catch, leaping forward at slip to account for Morris.

Mighty Wanderers won by 141 runs - I think this is a record, but stand to be corrected. Having played so well, let's hope that MWCC can take this form with them into the game against the Good Length (where we will, of course, be missing Wildman's banana bowling and dynamic hitting) and then on into the game against the Whalers.


(I must override our correspondent's natural modesty - his stunning, brilliant, inch off the ground catch (shades of Broadstairs 2002) to remove Long would be hard to match at any level of the game: Ed.)